Gail Maholick/TIMES NEWS

A core group of parents and children who were recipients of dreams from Dream Come True will be asking schools, individuals and businesses to fill empty Zimmerman's iced tea containers with coins to fund dreams for new recipients. From left are, Traci and Morgan Mengle of Weathery; Angela Lobien of Lehighton; and Jaime and Courtney Summers of Palmerton. Courtney was the first child to turn in her container with donations for Dream Come True. She is not a sick ch ild, but wanted to help all the other sick children in the area. Also part of the committee are Nadalyn and Debbie Imbriaco of Palmerton.

"Gimmie a Zimmie" takes on a whole new meaning for a local wish-granting organization.
Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter, has announced that Zimmerman's Dairy has replaced one of the panels on its famous orange and yellow iced tea carton with a panel asking people to save their spare change for Dream Come True. To kick off this special promotion, the Lehgihton-based dairy will be supplying factory fresh empty iced tea containers to any groups who w ant to take part in this special donation project. Several local schools, through their school's PTOs, have pledged support of this project. Others who want to be part of the promotion should simply rinse out their empty container, fill it with spare change and drop it off at one of the locations listed on the carton.

All children who participate within the Blue Ridge Chapter's service area will be eligible to win prizes through this promotion. The top prize will be an iPod. Every time a child presents a filled container to their PTO or school sponsor, or drops one off at one of the collection sites listed on the panel, that person becomes eligible to win various prizes and will have their name entered into the contest for t he top prize. Zimmerman's Dairy, through the Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter, will also be offering the clean, unused containers to service organizations, businesses and individuals who would like to fill a container and participate in the promotion (call 610-533-9311 for additional information). All funds raised in the Blue Ridge Chapter service area will benefit eligible children living in the area. While iPods will be the top prize offered, there ar e also other nice prizes available. Dream Come True will recognize all schools, service organizations and businesses on the annual Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter's telethon in December. "Dream Come True greatly appreciates this wonderful fund raising opportunity Zimmerman's has provided to us." stated Eileen Thompson, Chapter President. "With the continued support from our local schools, businesses and service organizations we will be able to secure the funds needed to fulfill our miss ion of providing a dream for every eligible child in our service area. Every penny that fills a drink container helps us to meet our goals." Zimmerman's Dairy has been in business since 1895, selling milk from their farm door- to-door and then pasteurizing and processing its milk on site before moving their operation into a processing plant. Zimmerman's Dairy had routes throughout the Panther Valley and Lehighton and surrounding area. Later, t hey added non-carbonated drinks, which along with iced tea are the most popular line of soft drinks in the area. Their full bottling operation moved to Lehighton when they purchased Gerstlauers Dairy in 1968. "We're happy to be involved in such a worthwhile organization," said Tom Zimmerman Jr., president of the company. "We're hoping that our large circulation of this iced tea product will be of assistance to Dream Come True."